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Weeks ago on March 8, Malaysia flight 370 went off signal and was lost somewhere in the air. Soon after they lost contact with the flight, the airline realized two passengers who boarded the plane were traveling with stolen passports. Those passengers were identified within 3 days of the flight’s disappearance when their records were checked against an Interpol database. Those passengers were identified as Pouria Nourmahammadi Mehrdad, 19, and Delavar Seyed Mohammadreza, 30, who were both from Iran. Theories of what happened to the plane have escalated from a terrorist attack, engine failure, or any other technical difficulties on the plane. Sadly enough, searchers seem to believe that flight 370 went down in the water. Currently search teams are using a so-called black box. Every plane’s black box is fitted with a low frequency acoustic beacon that emits a continuous “ping” for searchers to detect after a crash for up to 30 days. Unfortunately, the depth and temperature of the water can damage the equipment and can affect both the life of the battery and the ease of the search. This time frame gives search teams a little more than a week to ten days at most to find where the plane went down over a 200,000 square-mile area. Even though the search is tough and the outcome isn’t ending as we would have hoped, all are hoping search teams find the plane to have some closure for those families who had loved ones on flight 370 when it went down.